About Us

XLNT Marketing Group is a business consulting company that specializes in internet marketing. Kerry Bush is President and CEO who has worked with businesses in various industries for over 20 years before bringing his marketing expertise and management diplomacy to his online business consulting firm. Darla Bush is COO and shares responsibility for supervising the creative aspects of a marketing program, giving instructions and guidance to a highly competent workforce team in order to get the vital results that clients expect.

How Can  XLNT Marketing Group Help You?

Certified Marketing Consultant

We are trained experts in the services we provide.

XLNT Marketing Group has been honored as Certified Marketing Consultant by the Social Media Marketing Guild , a program sponsored by renowned social media marketing professionals Bold Angels Enterprises headed by Tina Williams and Trish Gilliam. We are trained experts in the services we provide and we can adopt the necessary marketing efforts that are suitable to your business in order to move it forward to the next level.

Our main services focus on website design and redesign, social media marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing and internet marketing campaign management. XLNT Marketing Group utilizes only proprietary methodology in our strategies to help your business function more effectively and be profitable in your specific niche. We conform to the industry’s best practices for business marketing thus keeping your business safe, and our reputation intact, regardless of any changes in the algorithms of major search engines.