Social Media Campaign

social media plan

A social media plan will help identify business needs and give overall direction.

Social media channels are another way for your business to get found online. Once potential customers find you, your social page becomes a platform where they can interact directly with your brand and find out if your services can give them what they need or want.

To get the most out of social media, you’ll first need to plan your marketing strategy. A plan will help identify what the business needs and give direction on how to go about achieving the goals.

  • There are hundreds of platforms out there, which one is the best for your business to use?
  • There may be several platforms that will fit your business, will it be worthwhile to get into all of them at once?
  • Where are your target customers hanging out socially?
  • Where are your competitors hanging out?
  • What type of info are your target customers looking for so that you can post those types of content?
  • How much time can you spend online to interact with your followers in real-time?

Social Media Platforms

Getting into the right platform is key to your social media success. Where your target customers are is strategically the right platform to get into. You might consider going into:

Social Media

Social media channels can help get your business found online.


  • With 1.1 billion users the chances are very high that your target customers are on it
  • Buy a customized Facebook advertisement ($10 a day min.) to attract more likes to your page


  • A location-based social network
  • Works best for businesses that rely on  fast-moving sales to profit
  •  Gives your customers details on where your business/product is available, what events support the product, etc


  • A photo/video-sharing service
  • Works best for businesses that rely heavily on visual impact to attract customers


  • Works best for networking with other professionals in your industry
  • A LinkedIn company page gives your business a serious professional image online
Social Media platforms

Getting into the right platform is key to your social media success.


  • You can find a sizeable amount of potential customers within its 200 million users
  • Provides the fastest way to communicate real-time
  • To get best results, follow people/businesses that are related to yours


  • A pin board-style photo-sharing service
  • Works best for businesses that rely heavily on visual impression


  • An online review site where customers of your business leave feedback about their experience with your service/brand
  • Reviews on this site carries a lot of credible influence to your business


  • The largest video-sharing site to date
  • Works best for businesses that do video marketing
  • A video marketing strategy is necessary to help your online videos get found

If you don’t have the experience needed to use the various social media platforms, contact us now for a consultation. We are certified social media experts and we can help you plan and implement your business' social media campaign.